Digital accounting software

From Zero (Xero) to Gold in 18 months

Eighteen months ago Kirkwood Wilson had one client using Xero software to produce management information. At that time, most of our clients used a server based bookkeeping system and we were fed up of the unreliability of the software, the need to back up and restore data and the constant updating of software. So, how have we gone from one client using Xero to becoming a Xero Gold Partner?

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Xero comes to the rescue

Xero the new hero

Most businesses often start out using Excel spreadsheets and then make what has always been seen, and understood, as the “natural progression” to Sage, but why follow the crowd? This blog explores why you should be using Xero and outlines the pro’s and con’s of using the more traditional accounting software packages, and why you really should consider getting your head in ‘the cloud’.

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Love Xero accounting

Why we love Xero

Xero gives you the flexibility to run your business from your Mac, PC, tablet or phone. Manage your invoicing, bank reconciliations, payroll, stock, quotes, expense claims, payments to suppliers and reporting all from the comfort of your office, home or on the move. Get a real-time view of your cashflow, reduce manual data entry, get paid faster and improve your cashflow – what could be better?!
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