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Payroll Outsourcing With Kirkwood Wilson

We take the pain out of processing your payroll. Upon receipt of your payroll information, we use the best cloud-based software to process employees’ pay securely, before sending them their payslips via the Xero Me payroll app. This market-leading software ensures you make the correct deductions from your employees and send all information securely to both your employees and yourself. This highly confidential service keeps payroll accounting away from your own office.

Our payroll department is kept fully up to date with changes to rates and allowances and ensures that all filing deadlines are met, avoiding any penalties that could be charged under real-time information (RTI) rules.

Auto-Enrolment Pension Contributions

It is an employer’s duty to provide access to a workplace pension for their employees. This can place greater responsibility and sometimes increased costs on you and your business. Under a pension auto-enrolment scheme, you must assess the various types of workers within the business.

You should provide a qualifying auto-enrolment pension scheme to relevant workers. As an employer, you are required to automatically enrol all ’eligible jobholders’ into the auto-enrolment pension scheme. You must make deductions from each employee’s pay and make the corresponding employer contributions.

Kirkwood Wilson can support you throughout this process, which includes completing the relevant declarations and keeping clear records of all activity. Our payroll team is experienced in setting up auto-enrolment pension schemes using NEST.

Kirkwood Wilson uses specialist Xero payroll software to assess individual eligibility. This software enrols employees on the pension scheme where necessary and minimises the amount of manual work required of the business. We can also advise on the correct contribution amounts that should be paid to the pension scheme provider, providing assurance and a smooth transition.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is specific to the construction industry and requires contractors to deduct tax from subcontractors and pass it on to HMRC. Kirkwood Wilson uses advanced systems to validate subcontractors and calculate CIS deductions. They also ensure that all the necessary reports and returns are submitted to HMRC before the relevant deadlines to ensure penalties are not incurred.

Kirkwood Wilson Accountants has a wealth of experience with the Construction Industry Scheme process. We can support any questions you might have about this scheme and can provide guidance on the required paperwork.

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