Long-Term Tax Planning

Tax Planning Advice

How you structure your personal and business tax affairs can significantly affect how much tax you must legally pay over your lifetime. We will help you to develop an individual tax plan that ensures maximum tax efficiency whilst you are working, retired and even when you die.

We have extensive experience in Capital Gains and Inheritance Tax planning, and our team are experts in dealing with the sensitivity surrounding these issues.

If applicable to your business, we can also help you to make Research and Development Claims (R&D) by advising on the correct processes and supporting them with paperwork.

Care and Support

Short-term profit extraction tends to be our clients’ first concern when they come on board with us. We’ll spend time with you to ensure that you and your other shareholders are set up on the correct salary level for your business.

We’ll not only advise on why we think your remuneration package should be structured in a certain way, but we’ll educate you as to how much you’ll be taking home, and why. We believe that tax planning should be something that both ourselves and the client are bought into.

At Kirkwood Wilson, we’re committed to updating our advice at regular intervals. This helps to ensure that you are drawing money from your business in the relevant way, whether that’s via a salary or salary and dividends.

Tax Planning Advice and Support

Further to advice around remuneration, we work with our clients to deliver guidance on Research and Development claims. R&D is available where clients use technology to further their field in a way that hasn’t been achieved before in that area.

In most instances, a salary and dividend remuneration structure might not be the most beneficial option from a tax-saving perspective.

At Kirkwood Wilson, we’re happy to sit down with you so you can make an informed decision about maximising your R&D claim.


Corporate Tax Planning

An essential part of the work we do with our clients, tax planning helps you to make the most of the money your business generates over the course of its life. Kirkwood Wilson is a specialist in all aspects of corporate tax planning, from maximising pension contributions to management buyouts and company purchases of own shares.

Our tax planning begins with our start-up businesses on day one, ensuring that your company is set up in the most efficient manner. We’ll sit down with you and work on what we call your end game. We’ll get you thinking about where you want to be over the next 5, 10 or even 20 years.

After all, if we don’t know where you want to be, how can we help you get there?

Working backwards from the end of your journey enables us to put targets in place to achieve certain levels of profit extraction at specific intervals.

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