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Kirkwood Wilson is a dynamic, effective, client-focused firm of Chartered Accountants based in Burscough, Lancashire. Learn more about the amazing team that helps drive your business towards success.

Our Experts

We’re proud to say that we are Xero Gold Partners which means all our Kirkwood Wilson accountants are trained on this innovative cloud-based digital accounting system. As such, we are able to advise on the latest best practice and strategies to maximise your Xero online accounting experience.

In addition, we keep ourselves at the forefront of any accountancy developments. We ensure businesses up and down the country, who work alongside us, can benefit from the best possible opportunities available for financial growth and stability.

Guiding You Through Your Financial Journey

We will guide you through the toughest financial decisions, whilst offering in-depth and relevant financial advice. Kirkwood Wilson offers all the services you’d expect of a chartered accountant, except we design and tailor our services specifically around your unique requirements.

“ I couldn’t recommend their digital approach enough, I have never felt more in control of my business,”

Rachel Birch, Director, House Digital.

Our Talented Team

Alongside ensuring we provide top-quality accounting services, growing our team of experts is a top priority for Kirkwood Wilson. We focus on developing and supporting our new and existing talent to provide you and your business with the expertise you require. Put simply, Kirkwood Wilson won’t just work for you, we work with you.

At The Heart Of Lancashire

Kirkwood Wilson is based in Ormskirk, in the heart of Lancashire but operates nationwide. While we’re proud of our local community, we’re able to help companies all around the UK with their financial and business needs – whatever they may be. Come and speak to us and meet our lovely team to find out how we can help you.

Meet The Team

Kirkwood Wilson was founded in 1998 by Caroline Wilson. Our Managing Director, Daniel Wilson became part of the team in 2002. Alongside ensuring we provide top-quality accounting services, growing our team of experts is a top priority for Kirkwood Wilson. So, take a look below and meet the team of friendly faces that can help enhance your business.

  • Daniel Wilson

    Daniel Wilson

    Managing Director

    Daniel is a huge sports fan and we’re sure you’ll know his biggest hobby is golf. He’s been fortunate enough to play some of the best courses in the world around the British Isles, and says if he could have three people round for dinner, he’d love to sit down with Tiger Woods, Toto Wolff and Peter Crouch. At home, he lives with wife Jo, and his three children, Piper, Zac and Jake. He enjoys the occasional film, and given that as a child he always wanted to be a pilot, his favourite film is Top Gun.

  • Craig Billington

    Craig Billington


    Craig is the resident thespian here at KW, having played various roles in musicals over the last ten years including Joseph. Craig is a bit of a joker around the office, and if he could meet one person, he’d love to spend the day with Peter Kay, who he has followed since his early days in Phoenix Nights. He lives with his wife Bex and little girl Holly, who is his partner in crime when it comes to all things Disney films.

  • Caroline Wilson

    Caroline Wilson


    Caroline founded Kirkwood Wilson back in 1998. When she’s not in the office, you’ll more than likely find her either on the golf course (she’s a member at the prestigious Royal Birkdale Golf Club), or looking after one of her nine grandchildren who she loves spending time with. Caroline is a big fan of a country walk, and takes her Labradoodle, Pep, everywhere she goes.

  • Ashleigh Hinchliffe

    Ashleigh Hinchliffe

    Office Manager

    Ashleigh is known as the oracle here at KW HQ. What she doesn’t know about our clients isn’t worth knowing! A vital piece of our office jigsaw, she keeps everything ticking along and picks everybody up when they need a lift. At home, she lives with husband Ben and her two children Evelyn and Erin, as well as her two true loves Luna and Otis, her Miniature Dachshunds. Ash enjoys nothing more than a settling down in the evening with a Netflix show and a glass of wine, whilst enjoying her guilty pleasure, which is a bit of online shopping.

  • Georgia Devenish

    Georgia Devenish

    Accounts Manager

    Georgia is the office fitness guru; if she’s not at home working on her house redevelopment project, you’ll usually find her pumping iron at her local gym. She is an absolute whizz on Excel, and is the team’s go-to person when those pesky formulas just won’t work! Georgia is also an avid fan of Friends and says her favourite episode is the One in Vegas, where Ross and Rachel drunkenly get married.

  • Ange Pendlebury

    Ange Pendlebury

    Tax Manager

    Ange is a huge fan of football and live music. When she’s not cheering on Liverpool at Anfield, you’ll normally find her in the city, supporting one of the many bands that tour. Ange lives at home with son John and daughter Rachel, with the trio spending many summers travelling around the world together, seeing some of the world’s best sights. Ange is a big animal lover, and enjoys taking her dogs, Sadie and Maisy for walks along the country paths of Burscough.

  • Katherine Leonard

    Katherine Leonard

    Payroll Manager

    Kath is a born-and-bred scouser and lives in Liverpool with her fiance, Paul, and their dog Teddy. She loves a good film and regularly visits her local cinema to watch the latest blockbuster on the big screen. She also enjoys taking walks with Teddy and spending time with family. When pressed for her favourite band, she told us she loves Everything Everything.

  • Julie Handley

    Julie Handley


    Julie is the longest serving member of our team (even though she obviously still looks very young!). She loves the great outdoors, with hiking in the lakes, taking on the challenges of The Wainwrights, (big hills to you and I) being a favourite pastime of hers. She is an avid runner on road and trails and loves the gym. Come rain or shine, she prefers the outdoors any day. She feels extremely lucky to live in Lytham and is partial to the occasional Prosecco in one of the many wine bars in the area, whilst she enjoys her favourite sport; people watching!

  • Joanne Wilson

    Joanne Wilson

    Client Services

    Jo’s unofficial title is ‘Animal Handler’, which is how she would describe looking after her two young children and two dogs (and husband Dan). She loves family time, a nice bottle of red wine and a good comedy or true crime podcast. If finding podcasts was an Olympic sport, Jo would get gold every time. She also likes to travel and see as much of the world as possible, and one of her bucket-list trips is to go to Elephant Hills.

  • Sarah Bennett

    Sarah Bennett


    Sarah is another of our team members that is obsessed with the world of sport. An avid Manchester United fan, she also loves tennis, and has been to Wimbledon several times. When she’s not cheering on her incredible children Matthew and Sophie in their various sporting endeavours, she loves to sit down with her husband Stephen to binge a good Netflix drama! She also regularly indulges herself in her shameless guilty pleasure, Coronation Street.

  • Gareth Cuthbertson

    Gareth Cuthbertson


    Gareth is a massive fan of the Harry Potter franchise. If you were to visit him at home, then you’d currently find him wading through an attempted build of the Hogwarts Castle from Lego, with his wife Emily and daughter Amelia. He supports Manchester United, and when he’s not watching the Red Devils, he loves to get to a local comedy club for a evening of laughter. He loves to watch the US Office, and his most unique pastime is collecting coins.

  • Kate Wilkinson

    Kate Wilkinson


    Kate is our wannabe Nashville Country star, being a huge fan of country music. She says there’s nothing better than a live gig and will pretty much watch anyone from within the country music industry, although Dolly is her idol! No matter what mood she’s in, she loves to watch Friends and says she watches it everyday. She’s a big fan of the outdoors, and enjoys a nice long walk with her mum and her mum’s dog Floss most days. Her other love is a cocktail in the sun, whether that’s in the Wharf or in another country!

  • Natalie Varney

    Natalie Varney


    Natalie has recently taken a liking to our national sport, football. She’s been supporting Spurs for over a year now, and is slowly finding out the highs and lows (mainly lows) of being a football fan. She is the definition of outsidey and not outdoorsy; her ideal weekend involves sitting by a waterfront with a cocktail or two. Sadly, her friends are outdoorsy and many of her weekends have been spent hiking, including one particularly long day spent on Snowdon.

  • Matt Bradley

    Matt Bradley


    Matt claims to be the office IT specialist, and is on hand when anyone (usually Julie) has an IT issue. He is addicted to mints and coffee, and it’s rare that you’ll find him without at least one in his hands. He’s also a big PC gamer and loves spending time with his friends playing the latest release. He also really enjoys the social aspect of the office.

  • Louise Woodward

    Louise Woodward


    More than anything, Louise loves to travel; she enjoys nothing more than a good hike up a very steep hill. When she’s not scaling the heights of a mountain she’ll probably be somewhere else in the world, having recently been to Peru, Australia and Kenya. She loves cooking and is partial to a good pastry (aren’t we all?!), and you’ll often find her at one of the many local food festivals tucking into something exoctic. She also enjoys a good podcast and will listen to anything from Chris and Rosie Ramsay to Off Menu.

  • Jacci Wainman

    Jacci Wainman


    Jacci loves reading and her favourite book series is Harry Potter. She also really enjoys walking in the lakes and paddleboarding (when it’s not too cold!). She has a cat with three legs and is an avid music fan. She’s always first on the dancefloor and you can bet she’ll also be last up there at the end of the night.

  • Laura Wright

    Laura Wright


    Laura is at one with nature and loves a long walk around the sand dunes of Ainsdale. She’s also really keen on taking photographs of nature and fancies herself as the next Hamza Yassin (with a camera, not on the dancefloor!). She’s also a connoisseur of coffee, and loves baking at home and spending time with her cats.

  • James Fawcett

    James Fawcett


    James is another one of our Liverpool fans, having held a season ticket at Anfield for the last couple of years. He enjoys camping in the great outdoors and enjoys a walk in the mountains of Scotland or the Lake District. His favourite movie is Cars and you’ll struggle to make him drink any tea other than Yorkshire tea (stern stuff for a Lancashire lad!). He also loves spending time at home with his pets.

  • Hollie Dickinson

    Hollie Dickinson


    Hollie is the newest member of our team and lives on a farm – something many of our clients can relate to! She enjoys ‘mucking in’ in her spare time and is an animal lover of all varieties. She’s recently got a spaniel puppy called Maisie who is a bundle of joy and takes up most of her time. She is also outdoorsy, and loves to take long walks in the countryside, especially around the hills of the Lake District.

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Put simply, we won’t just work for you, we’ll work with you. Contact us today on 01704 546000 for a free review of your current accountancy setup and to discuss investing in reliable accountants.

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