Financial accounting and management accounting

Our team of highly trained professionals specialise in the preparation of both management accounts and annual accounts for SMEs, including sole traders and limited companies. We have a confident approach towards business accounting and take deliberate steps to develop clear business reporting. We also Xero online digital bookkeeping software to produce meaningful information as quickly as possible.

How will management accounting benefit your business?

Management accounting is a summary of key financial information prepared in ‘real time’. It is tailored to meet predetermined performance criteria, which will inform your management team’s decision-making processes.

When you engage in management accounting, you will receive regular updates about how your business is performing. You can track your business’ progress and use this data to make informed financial decisions, including cashflow and investment.

Management accounting allows Kirkwood Wilson’s experts to extract key information from your financial records, such as bank statements and purchase invoices. With a few accounting adjustments, this information can be turned into meaningful reports to help manage your ongoing priorities and financial goals.

We like to see our clients’ businesses grow. We will work closely with you to gain a thorough understanding of your plans and objectives. We can then offer professional advice on the best course of action recommended to achieve your financial goals.

Annual accounts and financial statements

Kirkwood Wilson has a team of highly skilled professionals and the best accountancy software available. A company annual account is a historical report of the financial activity of a business that is prepared after year-end. This establishes the amount of tax owed from the profit and loss account and whether the business is in a healthy financial position through the strength of its balance sheet.

We prepare company annual accounts to the highest possible standards and in sufficient time to ensure important deadlines are met. By meeting with you to discuss your annual accounts we can give you a clear view of your company’s performance with a year-on-year comparison. This can help you to determine how well your overall strategies have performed; such as increased sales and better profit margins.

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