Great questions to ask when growing your business

Posted 12/08/2022
Great questions to ask when growing your business

Here at Kirkwood Wilson we know how important it is to set attainable business goals. We see companies of all sizes grow from strength to strength when they set clear goals and progression markers. 

We suggest exploring goals against your company’s size, budget and current profits, and then asking questions to learn more about yourselves as a business. 

Not all the questions will be relevant to your business, but it’s a valuable exercise and may help you come up with a few ideas for growing your customer base.

Asking questions encourages you to break out of your normal thought patterns. This can be a gateway to creativity and thinking about solutions you hadn’t considered before. Help encourage thinking and understanding: Questions need answers.

Here are a few examples to help you drive your sales upwards:  

  • Why do our customers buy from us now?
  • What new ways of generating customers can we use to build our business?
  • Which of our marketing efforts brought in the bulk of our clients?  What percentage of our business comes from this?
  • How involved are we with our customers at the sales or transaction level?
  • What ongoing sales efforts do we personally perform day to day?  How do these functions differ from those we performed when we first started our business?
  • Where do our customers come from specifically?
  • What do we believe our greatest single advantage is?
  • What aspect of our business, product or service are we most proud of or happy with?
  • If we had a magic wand, would we rather attract more new customers or take more money from our existing customers, and why?
  • Who else benefits from our success; excluding our customers, our employees and our family members?
  • How many of our suppliers would be motivated to help us grow our business more because it will directly benefit them at a very high level?  Who are they?
  • When we create a new customer for our business, who else have we indirectly created a new customer for?
  • Who is our ideal target market and how did we arrive at it?

At Kirkwood Wilson, we offer advice on many commercial finance options that allow businesses of all sizes to achieve their investment goals. We can support the growth of your business as your workforce expands and help you to maintain a healthy cashflow by looking into unique financial processes and future projections. Explore more about business advice.

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Posted 12/08/2022