Getting personal with your accountants

Posted 15/06/2020
Getting personal with your accountants

When it comes to choosing an accountant, finding a firm that can offer a personal touch is very important. Your accountants will be diving into all of the ins and outs of your finances and building a trustworthy relationship is an absolute must. Here at Kirkwood-Wilson Accountants we are so proud of the bespoke, personal service we offer to our clients. Read on to understand the importance of a client-accountant relationship and how to get the absolute most out of it.

Importance of client-accountant relationships

When choosing an accountant, finding a firm that will put their clients first has to be the top of your priority list. Accountants are there to guide you through the toughest financial decisions, whilst offering in-depth and relevant financial advice, so finding one you not only trust, but can build a good working relationship with is essential.

Accountants aren’t just for the end of the tax year. They can also offer financial advice for your business, making them a year round trusted advisor. For that reason, you will also want to ensure that you will have easy access to the experts within the accountancy firm.

Here at Kirkwood Wilson Accountants, we offer all the services you would expect from an accountancy firm but we also design and tailor our services around your unique requirements. Our team of friendly and approachable accountants will gladly go the extra mile, offering a personal touch, whilst ensuring that you receive a high quality accounting service. Something that all of our clients find invaluable.

How to get the most out of your relationship with your accountant

If you have been calling your accountancy firm only once a year, it’s time to make a change. Start checking-in once a month to really get the most out of your relationship with your accountants. By being proactive, instead of reactive, you can nip any accountancy errors in the bud, whilst keeping up to date with the changing financial landscape, laws, and regulations.

By switching to an accountants who offers a more personalised approach and leave you feeling like a valued customer, you will benefit in the following ways:

  • You will feel assured that your accounts are in the best hands, cared for by experts who truly understand your business goals
  • You will have your own unique package based on your business needs, giving you exactly what it is you require from your accountancy firm. This means that no time or money is wasted on services you do not necessarily require
  • You will feel supported in your business and financial goals and will not spend months dreading the end of the financial year.

Choosing an accountant

When it comes to choosing an accountant, finding one that treats you as a valued customer and not just a number is indispensable.

Kirkwood Wilson Accountants put together bespoke packages that allow you to receive the support you need regarding specific aspects of your business at a time when you need them. Providing that personal service is something we are truly passionate about and is the main reason why we have seen such growth across our business over the last twenty years.

Switch accountants today

If you are thinking of switching accountants, don’t leave it until the end of the financial year, start looking now. Kirkwood-Wilson Accounts offer a range of services including:

As a family owned business, we understand the unique challenges you will face and have the knowledge and expertise to support you in overcoming them. We also offer advice on commercial finance options that allow businesses of all sizes to achieve their investment goals by supporting your business’s growth and helping you maintain a healthy cash flow.

Switch accountants today and start benefiting from dynamic, effective, and client-focused accounting that you can trust. With Kirkwood Wilson, you know you are choosing an accountant that you can not only trust, but will be there to support you throughout the lifespan of your business.

Posted 15/06/2020