5 ways KW Accountants gives you a personal service

Posted 16/02/2015
5 ways KW Accountants gives you a personal service

A recent survey has shown that nearly a quarter of surveyed British consumers are unhappy with their accountant’s telephone service. At KW Accountants we pride ourselves on impeccable personal service, whether it be our call handling or otherwise. Just to prove it, here are five examples of how we go the extra mile.

Clearly not all accountancy firms are created equal. In a poll commissioned by PH Media Group 22 per cent of respondents were less than impressed with their accountant’s woeful call handling abilities.

Just to put that in to context, accountants have some way to go to compete with dentists – who, not unsurprisingly have the gift of the gab with a 52 per cent satisfaction rate – and are just one per cent more approachable than car dealers.

While the national average across all British businesses is comparably poor, at a stuttering 23 per cent, that in no way excuses our industry’s verbal inadequacies. But this is where we like to think that KW Accountants is different. Providing a plain English, personable service has long since been a high priority for us.

Here are five examples of how we go the extra mile to deliver pitch perfect personal service:

1. Unlimited telephone support

We give our clients unlimited telephone support, all year round, and are always pleased to hear from them. We strive to be as accessible as possible to deliver the best possible service. Better still, because we offer a dedicated fixed fee service, our undivided attention doesn’t cost a penny extra.

2. Experience that counts

We’ve been established since 1998 and we have accrued a vast amount of experience of giving impeccable service and peerless advice to our broad clientèle of business and personal customers. We pride ourselves on listening to our client’s needs and tailoring our service around them.

3. We understand family businesses

We know what it takes to run a successful family business because we are one. We understand the issues that concern family business owners, their spouses, and their children. With such an inside view on matters, our clients trust us implicitly to look after their family’s best interests.

4. First rate technology

We can resell Sage and Xero products at a more affordable price to our clients, as well as provide in-depth training and ongoing support whenever it is needed. We give honest advice and are always available to guide our clients with their software and hardware requirements no matter how big or small.

5. We speak plain English

We pride ourselves on speaking plain English, that’s free of confusing jargon, with our clients. For example, our new auto-enrolment arm – EasyPAE – strives to make the process of enrolling staff on to standardised workplace pension schemes clearer and simpler.

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Posted 16/02/2015