Xero small business accounting software

Posted 11/12/2014
Xero small business accounting software

Xero is a clever cloud-based business accounting software package that lets you log in anytime, anywhere and across all your devices to see your up-to-date financials. this “simple, smart and occasionally magical” service comes fully loaded with all the time-saving tools needed to grow your business. It’s secure, reliable and offers 24/7 support.

What are the benefits of Xero?

The top five reasons for choosing Xero, given by small businesses, are:

  • It’s the perfect balance of simplicity, power and elegance.
  • It’s always fast, with a best-in-class uptime of 99.97% since 2007.
  • Unlimited collaboration with your staff and trusted advisors.
  • Free unlimited email support from experienced teams.
  • An ecosystem of 300+ Add-on applications to manage your business.

What are the features of Xero?

Xero receives your bank statement lines automatically (or “automagically” as they say!). You can reconcile from anywhere – even from bed with the Xero Touch mobile app – as your bank feeds automatically import all your bank account, credit card and PayPal transactions. Having a complete and up-to-date view of your business, and instant access to real-time financial data, lets you control your cashflow like never before.

This intelligent software not only lets you connect with customers through online invoicing, and receive updates when invoices are opened, but it also allows you to create professional recurring invoices and schedule bill payments. Payments, returns and credits can all be tracked automatically. Seamless and automatic software updates reboot your experience with innovative new features and enhancements every three to six weeks.

Xero also lets you collaborate online with us at Kirkwood Wilson Accountants to give you the advice you need. Best of all, you can invite an unlimited number of people…for free. It also lets you view and share interactive reports and budgets in real-time. All prepared with a single click of a button, with no more waiting for month end. It gives you the power at your fingertips to complete your tax returns in minutes instead of hours.

The free unlimited email support gives you round-the-clock help from their experienced team of specialists. Furthermore, the online Help Centre provides comprehensive up-to-date information on every aspect of Xero – including step-by-step instructions and videos.

Kirkwood Wilson can offer you Xero

Kirkwood Wilson Accountants are proud to offer you Xero’s powerful cloud-based business accounting software. This time-saving, intuitive package will revolutionise your company’s accounting practices. We can install Xero for your business, provide in-depth training to help you thoroughly understand its features, and will always be on the end of the line to give you ongoing Xero support.

Kirkwood Wilson Accounting’s Managing Director, Caroline Wilson, said:

“We’re thrilled to be able to offer our customers Xero’s impressive business accounting software. The sheer number of time-saving features, and the high level of detail that it can give a business, make it one of the most exciting accounting products available right now.”

For more information about our Xero packages please email cwilson@kirkwoodwilson.co.uk or speak to one of our dedicated team members on 01704 546000.

Posted 11/12/2014