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  • 25/06/2024

    Self-employed: How long to keep tax records UK

    Keeping tax records is an important part of managing your finances if you are self-employed in the UK….

  • 22/05/2024

    How much money can you gift to a family member tax-free in the UK?

    Understanding the tax implications of gifting money to your family members is crucial, especially when you wish to…

  • 15/04/2024

    How to Reduce Corporation Tax

    For business owners in the UK, mastering Corporation Tax is more than a legal necessity—it’s a strategic asset…

  • 18/03/2024

    Decoding a List of Tax Codes and What They Mean

    For most people, the letters ‘HMRC’ fill them with dread and anxiety. This is largely because when it…

  • 19/12/2022

    Tax at Christmas, what you need to know

    At Christmas, we all know it’s a time for giving, though it’s important to know where HM Revenue…

  • 05/12/2022

    What you need to know post-Covid tax relief & returns

    Covid-19 has changed many aspects of life, including your taxes. In light of these changes, HMRC is reminding…

  • 17/11/2022

    Autumn Statement: Business strategy examples in challenging times

    Here at Kirkwood Wilson, we know that times are tough and they are likely to remain challenging for…

  • 27/10/2022

    What are economic impacts: Fiscal U-turn

    Since the mini-budget announcement on Friday 23 September 2022, former Prime Minister Liz Truss’ government policy outlining key…

  • 27/10/2022

    HMRC Scam Calls

    HMRC scam calls are on the rise and self-assessment customers in particular are warned to be vigilant. HMRC…